3156 Movement UK Replica Rolex Day-Date II 218348A-82318 Watches With Extreme Luxury Style

The first public appearance of the replica Rolex Day-Date II watch in 2008 continued the unique tradition of the original fake Rolex Day-Date, that is the first watch with the a complete week display. The diamond bezel copy Rolex Day-Date II equipped with many languages to choose from, and wearing by the leaders of different countries. Its ingenious mechanical device can ensure instantly jump of the week and date at the same time, that provided the preciseness of operation for Rolex.

diamond bezel replica Rolex Day-Date II 218348A-82318

The replica Rolex Day-Date II 218348A-82318 is the symbol of noble and pure. Its oyster case is made of the 18k gold. And the bezel that is decorated with the high quality diamonds. At the same time, the replica Rolex has a series of different colors, different materials fine dial that can according to the wearer’s personality, taste and need.

yellow gold dial fake Rolex Day-Date II 218348A-82318

The waterproof of the Oyster case that amounts to 100 meters (330 feet), its unique middle crust is made of the solid 18k gold. Triangle grooved bottom cover is tighten by the special tool of Rolex, making the watch case is completely sealed.

The yellow dial fake Rolex 218348A-82318 adopted the 3156 automatic movement which is entirely developed by Rolex. And certainly that is accepted by COSC. Which is the same as all other movement and its structure ensured the reliability of its unparalleled.

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