UK Omega Speedmaster Fake Antique Watches With Golden Dials Launchned In 1983 Of Great Value

Omega Speedmaster replica watches with Swiss automatic movements were launched in 1983. The specific production is unknown, but we can know that the existing timepieces are rare. These antique watches have iconic designs of dual colors. Their cases are made of steel and the dials have two colors. There are solid golden indexes as hour markers on the golden dials. Besides, there are also three silver sub-dials.

Their Cal. 861 are applied to the precious Omega Speedmaster fake watches for the second time. The first time of the application is 1968. The structure of calibre 861 is simpler than previous Cal. 321. And the performance is more stable. The Swiss movements can also provide longer power to the whole mechanisms. We can see their functions are strong. They have chronograph functions and can measure speeds with the help of black bezels.

Omega copy watches with golden hands are specially designed for Italian and German markets. Their bracelets are also made of yellow gold and steel. The dual-color cases matching with delicate dials and fancy bracelets gives people a unique image. Every timepiece is of great value and worth collecting.

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