Review UK Logo Of Breitling And Omega Replica Watches

The frame of Omega and Breitling must have been known all over the world. Do you have a great knowledge of their story of logo? If not, please follow us to explore it.


  • Omega

Omega’s logo is the Greek alphabet “Ω”. This is because in 1894, Omega launched the famous 19 order movement. This precise movement has been certified by the Swiss Observatory, and very cost-effective, so that Omega fake watches with self-winding movements has great fame. The symbol of the movement is the last letter of the Greek, symbolizing its perfect performance. With its success, Omega has become a brand name since then, and Omega has become a brand logo, and continues to this day.

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  • Breitling

The advantage of Breitling is in aviation chronograph and marine chronograph which can see from its logo. In 1936 Breitling has become the supplier of the British Royal Air Force, so the wings on the both sides represent the brand’s aviation Chronograph manufacturing experience. The middle of the anchor said origin of Breitling and sea. The middle wings and anchors also have a letter B that is the abbreviation of Breitling brand. The image of logo is in line with the tough appearance of Breitling copy watches with black leather straps.

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