Perfect Bezels For Excellent Fake Omega Watches

Ceramic material has become widely used in the watchmaking process, and the UK high-quality replica Omega watches do well in the aspect, however, different watches have different applications.

  • Liquidmetal™ Technique
Fresh knock-off watches are decorated with blue color.
Steel Bracelets Imitation Omega Seamaster Watches

Early since 2009, the Liquidmetal™ technique has been adopted in the stable Omega fake watches of Seamaster Planet Ocean forever. During the process, the liquid metal plate needs to be heated, then pressed, and filled with shrinkage pool, which will make the bezels more eye-catching.

  • Ceragold™ Diving Scales
Swiss replication watches are charming.
Black Dials Omega Seamaster Duplication Watches

Similar to the above technique, the Ceragold™ skill can make the perfect copy watches sales become more noble and shiny. With the electroforming treatment for the laser engraving bezels, the bezels will form the 18k gold effect.

  • Rubber Scales
Online imitation watches are textured in the effect.
Blue Arabic Numerals Reproduction Omega Seamaster Watches

By using the rubber injection or vulcanization technology to press, the rubber can be injected into the ceramic bezels of the useful Omega knock-off watches, so the scales will become more charming, and more appropriate for sporty dressing.

Which kind of ceramic bezels are you interested in?

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