Which Popular Rolex Submariner Replica Watches Are More Trendy?

Popular for the diving watches, the Rolex brand is widely popular for the attractive fake Rolex Submariner watches decorated with green color. Do you know the green watches have two form? Which watches are more popular?

  • Similarities
Forever knock-off watches online ensure best quality with steel material.
Steel Bracelets Replication Rolex Submariner Watches

For the 50th anniversary of Submariner collection, the durable replica Rolex watches of 16610LV were launched in 2003. The other green Submariner 16610LV watches produced in 2010 have the same size of 40mm, steel cases, green bezels and oyster bracelets as the previous watches.

  • Differences
Swiss duplication watches for sale present green or black bezels.
Rolex Submariner Imitation Watches With Green Bezels

Although the two UK fancy copy watches look almost the same, they still have some differences. Compared to the 16610LV watches with black dials, the new 16610LV watches are thicker in the cases, lugs and crowns. Compared to the aluminum bezels of 16610LV, the 16610LV watches present ceramic bezels, so they are more solid. Unlike the green radiance, the new watches show blue luster in the dark.

With the same movements and water resistance, the two exquisite Rolex knock-off watches ensure the classic style with black dials, and provide modern style with green dials. As a result, they have their own advantages.

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