Fall In Love With An UK Antique Omega Seamaster Replica Watch With Calibre 564

Although the modern Seamaster Diver 300M or Speedmaster moon watch are both charming, I still prefer the antique Omega models with special temperament. What I will share today is exactly a fantastic fake Omega Seamaster watch that was launched in 1960s.

The timepiece sports a distinctive look of retro style.
Steel Case Omega Seamaster Fake Watch

Introducing the reasons why I love such an old timepiece.

The antique Omega Seamaster is a good choice for formal occasion.
Brown Leather Strap Omega Copy Watch

1, With the calibre 564, this Omega copy with sand-blasted silver dial still performs reliably and accurately. It could still be my formal watch for formal occasion after 50 years.

2, In my mind, the 36 mm case is the perfect size for men even though some others consider it is too small for them.

3, The dial of this perfect knockoff watch is distinctive for it is not ordinary silver dial, instead, it is with satin-blasted finish.

In a word, this antique Omega Seamaster is really a suitable watch for me.

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