High Quality UK 1953 Fake Rolex Turn-O-Graph Ref. 6202 ‘Waffle Dial’

The Swiss Rolex Turn-O-Graph ref. 6202 replica online is a watch you don’t see come up for sale too often, and when we got the opportunity to offer this one, we were pretty excited. The watch features a black rotating bezel, black dial, and Mercedes-style hands just like the Submariner, so it’s easy for people to confuse them from across the room. However, when looking closer, this ref. 6202 has some really great features that give it an identity all its own.

The case comes in right under 36mm, so it’s closer in size to the Explorer ref. 1016 rather than a Submariner, which is 39mm. Yet, the black bezel helps add to the watch’s overall wrist presence. Next, you can see that the dial has a “waffle”-like texture, which is similar to some of the earliest Submariners, but this detail wouldn’t last for long. The bezel is black with a red triangle at 12 o’clock and is fully graduated, which reminds us of a mix between Submariner bezels from the late 1950s (Red Triangle) and Mil-Sub bezels (fully graduated). Finding a Rolex Turn-O-Graph replica with black dial is a feat within itself, as many of these were lost and replaced over the years. Finally, the gold details on the dial are just something else, especially when paired with the textured dial. Depending on the light and angle, the dial can pick up different tones of black and gold.
The example we have here today is just stunning in the metal. The patina on the dial and the overall case condition gives this watch a great vintage aesthetic that we love. This Swiss movement Rolex copy watch comes with a straight end-link bracelet, which adds to the uniqueness. It also comes on a period-correct Jubilee, and when you swap the bracelets, it gives the watch a whole new feel and look. I’ve had the pleasure of wearing this beauty while it’s been in the office, and it just feels great on the wrist.

It gives me Submariner vibes without being a Sub, and that’s pretty neat, especially for me – after all, I’m a Sub guy at heart. All in all, this is a luxury copy watch you don’t see very often, and in a sea of Submariners and Daytonas, why not go for something a bit off the beaten path? We have all of the details in the Shop.

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