EDITOR’S PICK: Cheap Fake Tudor Pelagos VS Waterproof Rolex Submariner Replica UK – Which Is The Better Dive Watch?

This month, I had the good fortune to simultaneously have in my possession a high-quality replica Rolex Submariner and a Swiss made replica Tudor Pelagos. Of course, a head-to-head comparison was inevitable, but not for all of the obvious reasons. Yes, these are two black dial dive watches and they come from the same parent company, but what I really wanted to explore is the criteria I feel makes the best fake Tudor Pelagos so compelling from both the on-the-wrist and consumer viewpoints. This might be a bold statement, but in early 2020, and in my opinion, the online perfect fake Tudor Pelagos is a better dive watch than the AAA perfect Rolex Submariner replica. Hear me out.

Starting with the (relatively) new kid on the block, the best fake Tudor Pelagos makes a strong statement at first glance. This particular model is completely monochrome. There are no flourishes to distract from its clear mission of being a highly legible dive watch.

Unlike the other underwater Tudor replica, the best fake Tudor Black Bay, there also seemed no need to build in nods to retro heritage, so designers focused on making the technology of the watch apparent and pleasing to the eye. It is this technology that really upsets the Swiss made replica Rolex applecart, starting with construction of the case and bracelet entirely from titanium.

At 42mm, the Pelagos should potentially wear a bit bulky (like the same-size Omega Seamaster 300M Diver), but it absolutely does not. The case profile is quite thick as well but the comparable lightness of the titanium helps the size of the Pelagos shrink around your wrist. The surprise for me was that this titanium replica Tudor still felt substantial to the touch due to its build quality and solid construction, courtesy of Swiss made Rolex replica.

Another impressive surprise was discovering that the tech goodness continues with a matte finish bezel on the Pelagos that is both ceramic and luminous. Rotating the unidirectional bezel is a joy with precise minute-by-minute clicks and the perfect combination of resistance and grip while turning.

I remember the Black Bay bezel being not nearly this friendly, and the Submariner bezel offers only more luxurious damping by comparison. The matte finishes on the bezel and dial combine with the slightly dark tinted titanium finish of the case and bracelet to emphasise the bank vault tool watch image of the Pelagos.

After a few days with the Pelagos, I came to the decision that this was one of the most legible sports replica watches I had ever worn, thanks in large part to the dial layout. The bright white hour markers are chunky white squares and rectangles devoid of any faux ageing or decorative surrounds. The hands themselves are also bright and bold, with the hour hand using the distinctive fake Tudor snowflake motif to the most functional visual advantage. At a quick glance, the date window blends in at three o’clock with the other hour markers as it uses the same shape and bright whiteness for its background. This should even get the Pelagos a favourable nod from no-date purists. There is a lot of text on this dial, mostly skewed toward the bottom, announcing all of the best UK sale replica Tudor’s credentials.

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